Each squadron gets places for camps allocated to them depending on the cadet numbers. Going to camp could be at any RAF station in the UK as well as overseas camps for the older cadets. To go on camp you must have passed your 1st class exams. Once your name has been put forward to wing and confirmed you will be given all the information you require about what will happen and what equipment to you need to take with you. The camp lasts for 7 days and 6 nights in which you will do numerous activities ranging from shooting, flying, section visits, adventure training and night navigation exercises. Food is provided at the station and transport to and from the camp is by coach.

In 2006 the summer camp took place at RAF Cottersmore and in 2007 it was RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. The camps lasted for seven days and six nights, as stated above.
Travelling down to Cottesmore was fun; we got to meet new people and have a laugh. When we arrived at the camp we inspected our accommodation, eight 9 by 12 tents were set up near the Astroturf. After organising which flights we would be placed in – A flight 1 and 2 and B flight 1 and 2 – we were informed to change into our uniforms and were given a tour of the base.
Throughout the week we did various activities, such as water sports, which included raft building, canoeing and swimming, visited Duxford Air museum, bowling, Go-Carting, shopping in the local town centre, Laser quest, played sports on the evenings. Depending on who did the best at these various activities chose how many flight points went to your flight, on the last day this included a Drill competition which was fiercely fought for and that was just the extra activities. During the day we visited the Dog section, went shooting on a 25 metre range, with either the .22 no. 8 Rifle or the L98-A1 Cadet General Purpose Rifle. Attended a Heart start course, visited the various sections of the base including the Hangars where a number of Harrier Aircraft were being repaired.
In common summer Camp fashion on the evening before we left there was a disco put on for everyone, there was music, a karaoke and food and drink. To top the week off there was on outstanding performance by two of the boys, who had shaved their legs, put on women’s clothes – provided by the girls, they did not bring their own – and sang for the group ‘I feel like a Woman’