You don’t have to be the best at everything – but you ought to be part of it.

Cadets in the Air Training Corps (ATC) are flying, gliding, shooting, taking part in sportCorporal Macphees, summer camps, adventure training and meeting people of their own age.

So, want a good social life? Look no further!

Interested in aviation? You can take control of an aircraft on your first flight. Cadets usually get to fly within a short time of joining after learning some basic skills.

• How aircraft fly

• What happens on a RAF Station

• Map reading


   Top 10 reasons for joining the ATCIMG_3115

(Created by our cadets themselves)

1. New experiences (Flying, Gliding and Shooting)
2. Interest in career in RAF/Aviation
3. Learn about the RAF and its history
4. Gain responsibility
5. Meet new people
6. Its Fun
7. Shows maturity and you gain confidence
8. Learn new skills
9. Improve teamwork skills
10. And a place you can leave your worries behind


Who aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCan Join?

Aged between 12 (school year 8) and 17 years old.

• Fly serveral times, even loops and aerobatics.

• Complete your bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

• Get your wings at 16years by flying solo in a glider.

• Abseiling, canoeing, rock climbing and other adventure training activities.

• Attend camps at RAF bases in the UK and overseas.

Of course we can’t promise you’ll get the chance to do everything, be we’ll do the best we can!

All of this for a small monthly subscription with a FREE uniform.


Attend two nights a week and the rest is up to you. Call in on a Parade Night and see what we can offer.

A Training programme will include:

• Adventure Training Camps

• Life skills training

• Sports

• Visit to RAF Stations10419553_10155550424360368_2915929958166704945_n

• Flying and gliding

• Using Radios

• Duke of Edinburgh Award Training

• Lessons in marksmanship

• Navigation lessons

• Learning how aircraft can fly

• Drill and discipline

• Lots of social events organized by the cadets

RAFC Cranwell 2015 Summer Camp

  So what have our cadets done?

We always try to do as much as possible. Our cadets have recently represented our region and corps in swimming, netball, hockey, football and rugby, attended overseas camps in  U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Germany and much more!